Cutehacks AS was founded in 2010 and has since then focused on developing high quality mobile apps and services. All the developers at Cutehacks are veterans in cross-platform development for both mobile and desktop and have previously worked at companies such as Nokia, Trolltech and Digia. Combined we have over 60 years of experience creating and delivering commercial grade software.

By combining our talents with the ideas and resources of our clients, we have developed award winning apps that have been featured on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in over 40 countries. The apps have also been covered in international press such as The New York Times and TechCrunch. Have a look at our projects page for a list of some of the apps and services we have developed.

Our development methodology is simple. We work in small teams where the designer, developer and interaction designer work closely together. Through weekly builds and updates, the client can get a feel for how the product is taking shape and change course directions as we progress. By integrating crash logging and user analytics into the app we always know how the app is behaving, both in production and development.


Our team


Marius Bugge Monsen

Marius is the Chairman of the Board and one of the co-founders of Cutehacks. He is focusing on Qt and iOS development, with some Android development, web development, admin and business development added to the mix.

Before starting Cutehacks Marius worked eight years at Nokia and Trolltech as a developer and team-lead for the Qt Widgets team. He was the main developer of the Qt model-view framework, and started the Qt Components project - a precursor to Qt Quick Components.

Marius can be contacted at [email protected] and can be found on TwitterLinkedInGitorious, Github and Ohloh.


Espen Riskedal

Espen is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Cutehacks, and has since 2010 developed multiple mobile apps. His main development platform at the moment is Android. Espen is also the guy who does most of the admin and bizdev stuff - somebody has to :)

Before starting Cutehacks Espen worked eight years at Nokia and Trolltech as a team-lead focusing on both desktop and mobile Qt cross-platform development. Espen has a Master in Computer Science.

Espen is available on +47 414 36 739 and on [email protected] and can be found on TwitterLinkedIn and GitHub.


Henrik Hartz

Henrik joined Cutehacks in January 2012 as the first official (non-founder) employee. He has been an avid Apple user for many years (before it was cool) and lead the company's charge into iOS development. He has also tinkered with Android and Windows Phone, but may not publicly admit it.

Before joining Cutehacks, Henrik worked seven years at Nokia and Trolltech. Initially as a Qt Presales Engineer - and later on as a Product Manager and Product owner for Qt Quick and Qt Quick Components. Henrik has a Master in Computer Science.

Henrik can be reached at +47 41231703 and via [email protected], or you can find him on LinkedIn, Twitter and Github


Jens Bache-Wiig

Jens became a Cute Hacker in the spring of 2014. With his background as team lead for Qt Quick Components and Qt Project Approver, Jens sets the standard for User Interaction and Pixel Perfection for the rest of us. He works with iOS, Android and Qt.

Jens has previously worked on the Cleanlooks and GTK styles for Qt, worked on 3D mobile graphics, been involved in numerous demo-scene projects, and builds retro-style platform games in his spare time. He often smiles sympathetically at the rest of us for not having an Oculus Rift DK2 at home. Jens has a Master in Computer Science.

Jens can be contacted on [email protected].

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