App development

At Cutehacks we have gathered an outstanding team of experienced app developers. We've created apps since 2010 and have received awards and been featured in app stores. Creating quality apps is a craft in itself. With our continued focus on clean code, usability testing and design we deliver apps without compromises. We can help you with:

  • creating an app
  • porting to a new platform
  • improving an existing app

We develop apps for all the major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Depending on your needs and your focus we will implement the app using native SDKs and libraries (like Cocoa Touch and Android SDK) or using cross-platform solutions like Qt.

Go here to see some of the apps we have developed, and if you want more details and references - send us an email and we'll be happy to get in touch with you.

Industrial touch UI

We design and develop high quality touch interfaces for your industrial needs. From simple UI components to complex touch controls. We make sure the design and software fits the device, whether it be an affordable single-board computer or a high-end system. Industries include:

  • smart home controls
  • automotive master controls and infotainment
  • TV and Set-top boxes

Game design and development

We can implement and design your unique game concept. We have extensive experience with 2D game design and will work with you step by step on the way to ensure that your game turns out the absolute best on a wide range of platforms. 

Responsive web apps

We have experience writing responsive web applications for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.  By using modern web technology we deliver a fluid user experience akin to native apps and desktop applications. Have a look at Omi to see some of the work we've done.