Cutehacks targeting Android, Symbian and more

[tweetmeme source= "cutehacks" only_single=false]Here is a video of two apps developed by Cutehacks: and Fly running on Android 2.2 and Symbian. These native apps were originally written for Symbian but run great on Android as well:

Using Qt for Android (more specifically Necessitas and Ministro), the amount of code changes we had to do were minimal. This shows the power of Qt - it truly is cross-platform. Too see these apps running on MeeGo and Maemo as well - check out this video.

None of the apps above are available in Android Market yet. Be assured we'll tell you when/if that happens :)


Qt Quick on a Samsung Galaxy Tab - Devinco visits

Today Ole-Johan from Devinco visited us. He is interested in Qt on several platforms, including Android. So, while Espen and I were busy fixing the last bugs in our Yr app, Ole-Johan was working on getting the Android port (by BogDan and friends) running on his spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tab! And boy did it run :)

From the left: Espen, Ole-Johan and Marius