Cutehacks at the Qt Contributers' Summit

A big 'Guten Tag!' from Berlin and the Qt Contributor's Summit! We've already attended the pre-summit Qt for Android meeting and are now at the Café Moscau where the actual summit is taking place.The place is buzzing with sessions and discussions about present and future Qt development. About half the people present are non-Nokians and all are enthusiastic and engaged in shaping the future of their favorite cross-platform toolkit. There are people walking around with various Android devices and iPads running ports of Qt.

So far it's been a fun, interesting and productive event. It's a great venue and it's all been extremely well organized, including working wifi (!) and free drinks. We will stay here until the end of the event on Saturday, so if you're in Berlin and want to talk to us, give us a ping or look around for the Cutehacks logo.


Cutehacks developing WiMP

Press coverage


The Nokia mobile platforms might have lost one music service today, but it's soon gaining another. Today we're announcing that Cutehacks is developing the mobile client of WiMP (by Aspiro) for the Symbian platform. We're going to use Qt and Qt Quick, which will make it pretty easy to provide the service for any coming MeeGo handsets as well. We're focusing on Symbian^3 at the moment, but may later extend backwards to older Symbian platforms if there is a demand.

Wimp logo

If you don't know what WiMP is, think of it as a direct competitor to Spotify. It is basically a streaming music service that, for a monthly subscription, gives you access to all the music of the world. It's even got Pink Floyd (which Spotify doesn't). You can see some screenshots and read more about WiMP here. Wimp is already available on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android - so it is high time we bring it to the Nokia platforms as well. We are very pleased to get this project and are looking forward to working together with the guys at Aspiro.

We're hoping for a relase this half of 2011, but that is up for Aspiro to decide so stay tuned for more news :)

Also, we've gotten some media coverage here in Norway already. Check out these article in (norwegian / english) and (norwegian / english). Oh, and those are Google Translate english, so don't complain to me if it's messed up ;)

Anways, exciting times for us here at Cutehacks!


Cutehacks is hiring

We started Cutehacks to have a fun and interesting place to work, and so far it's been a huge success. In fact it's so much fun, we need more people to play with :) That is why we're looking for experienced developers to join us in developing mobile apps for Symbian, MeeGo and Android.

Here is a small sample of the apps we're working on at the moment or have in our pipeline:

Apps in development

We are looking for a passionate programmer who cares deeply about code, design and user interfaces.


  • expert knowledge of Qt and C++
  • cross platform development experience (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • plus: Symbian, MeeGo, Android, iOS or RIM knowledge
  • plus: talent for graphical and UI design
  • plus: knowledge in HTML and web services

Your job will be:

  • code and test
  • design and implement user experiences
  • communicate with customers
  • help build the company
  • have fun

We can offer:

  • exciting projects and interesting technical challenges
  • central offices in Oslo (Forskningsparken)
  • lunch with fresh bread , fresh coffe and good friends
  • no bureaucracy and no hierarchy
  • high degree of autonomy and freedom
  • a desk full gadgets ;)

How to apply:

Mail the following to [email protected]

  1. CV
  2. Code examples
  3. Cover letter

If you wonder about us and the offices, here is a video of our 1st day at work  :)