New office and new employee!

New Employee Cava

Nothing is like starting the new year with blank sheets of paper and color crayons! OK, Norwegian proverbs might not translate that well, but here we are: A new year, a new office, and a new employee (me)!

My name is Henrik Hartz, and I joined Espen and Marius January 2nd this year after working 7 years at Trolltech and Nokia. For the first week and a half I have been getting busy with existing projects while Espen and Marius are pushing new frontiers - for the time being focusing on an Android project.

Aside from 50% growth, we also moved to a new office - literally across the road from the old one. The new place is a lot larger - the three of us share an office - while we have a lunch-room (with a red couch and gaming system) and extra offices to spare. We want to grow even more this year.

After moving in - the place was in a bit of a shoddy state..

before we got our shit together

After a quick stop at IKEA, we got some new office furniture to get us ready for a busy New Year!

espen building a bookcase
marius building a coat stand
david and alexandra helping out
marius doing assembly

After organizing and cleaning up, we're ready to take on the new year

marius can't stop hacking
troll bowl
lunch room

Cutehacks is hiring

We started Cutehacks to have a fun and interesting place to work, and so far it's been a huge success. In fact it's so much fun, we need more people to play with :) That is why we're looking for experienced developers to join us in developing mobile apps for Symbian, MeeGo and Android.

Here is a small sample of the apps we're working on at the moment or have in our pipeline:

Apps in development

We are looking for a passionate programmer who cares deeply about code, design and user interfaces.


  • expert knowledge of Qt and C++
  • cross platform development experience (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • plus: Symbian, MeeGo, Android, iOS or RIM knowledge
  • plus: talent for graphical and UI design
  • plus: knowledge in HTML and web services

Your job will be:

  • code and test
  • design and implement user experiences
  • communicate with customers
  • help build the company
  • have fun

We can offer:

  • exciting projects and interesting technical challenges
  • central offices in Oslo (Forskningsparken)
  • lunch with fresh bread , fresh coffe and good friends
  • no bureaucracy and no hierarchy
  • high degree of autonomy and freedom
  • a desk full gadgets ;)

How to apply:

Mail the following to [email protected]

  1. CV
  2. Code examples
  3. Cover letter

If you wonder about us and the offices, here is a video of our 1st day at work  :)