How often are apps updated?

There doesn't seem to go a day without a notification on my phone telling me an app was updated. This got me wondering, how often are apps actually updated?

The answer seems to be: An app is updated on average every 22nd day.

Actually, I have too little data to claim this number is accurate by any significance, but that is what I found when I compared 8 apps and their release history on Android and iOS. Have a look for yourself:


As you can see Uber and Twitter releases most often. On average Uber releases a new app for Android and iOS every 9th day, while Twitter release a new app for Android and iOS every 10th day. 

In the other end of the spectrum, and rather surprisingly, we can see that Whatsapp releases the least often with a release for Android and iOS every 40th day. 

There is no pattern where we see that releases are more frequent on one platform than the other. This is a bit surprising to me given that releasing to Apple is more of a hassle then for Google.

I do see a pattern where companies that release often also do it regularly. My guess is that they have set up continuous integration and delivery system. Read more about why you should to that here.

I've published the Google Spreadsheet if you want to go more in depth or play with the data yourself. If you spot any mistakes or want me to add another app please tell me. The data is simply the last 10 release dates for the apps found on AppShopper and AppBrain.