Ut.no - we upgraded the norwegian hiking app

Norway is a beautiful country and is perfect for hiking, biking, kayaking and all sorts of outdoor activities. But how do you find the mountain trails and cabins that are closest to you? Well, you use the service Ut.no.

Ut.no has maps and information on over 1000 cabins and 4500 mountain trails and hiking paths from all over Norway. It tells you the estimated time and difficulty of the trek and shows you the elevation profile so you know what to expect. It even lists the telephone number for the cabins so you can call ahead to reserve a room.

Cutehacks has been lucky enough to work together with DNT and NRK on developing the new and improved version of Ut.no for Android and iOS. It is already available in the app stores so please go and try it out and tell us how it feels. Note: At the moment the app is only in Norwegian.

To do some field testing of the app we went biking the other day and picked the trip named "The simplest bike ride through Nordmarka". It's all downhill and you pass five lakes on the way. It's everything Tour de France is not. It's listed as 16.7 km and estimated to take 3 hours. Endomondo tracked 16.1 km for me - so I guess we should rate that as close enough. Now we spent 2 hours biking so I guess their 3 hour estimate includes swimming in the lakes as well.

Espen swimming in Bjordammen. Of course - we had to try out all the lakes :)

Espen swimming in Bjordammen. Of course - we had to try out all the lakes :)