Omi - split bills with friends and keep a running balance

Today we're launching Omi, a service that makes it easy to split bills with friends and keep a running balance.

Omi makes it easy to answer the question "Whose turn is it to pay?". You simply check Omi, and if your name is on top it's your turn to pay. After you paid, you fill in the sum, who you paid for, and in which circle this bill belongs. This way Omi knows who's up the next time. Watch the video below for a two minute introduction into how to use Omi.


We built Omi because we like sushi. You see, every Friday at our office we always have sushi for lunch, and after a while it became complicated to figure out whose turn it was to pay. So we built Omi, and have been using it internally for over a year. As our usage moved outside the office, we figured this might be a service others wanted as well.

Omi is a single-page web application. This might seem strange coming from us since we're first and foremost a native apps company, but we wanted to see what could be done with modern HTML these days. It's also made as a responsive web application, so it should work fine on devices with different resolutions.

Now, Omi is an experiment from our side. We want to measure the interest there is for such a service. Clearly, we have our own ideas in which direction we want to take Omi (native app, payment backend, etc) but it's more interesting to hear what actual users desire.

Click here if you want to try out Omi

Click here if you want to try out Omi