Cutehacks at the Qt Contributers' Summit

A big 'Guten Tag!' from Berlin and the Qt Contributor's Summit! We've already attended the pre-summit Qt for Android meeting and are now at the Café Moscau where the actual summit is taking place.The place is buzzing with sessions and discussions about present and future Qt development. About half the people present are non-Nokians and all are enthusiastic and engaged in shaping the future of their favorite cross-platform toolkit. There are people walking around with various Android devices and iPads running ports of Qt.

So far it's been a fun, interesting and productive event. It's a great venue and it's all been extremely well organized, including working wifi (!) and free drinks. We will stay here until the end of the event on Saturday, so if you're in Berlin and want to talk to us, give us a ping or look around for the Cutehacks logo.