Cutehacks developing WiMP

Press coverage


The Nokia mobile platforms might have lost one music service today, but it's soon gaining another. Today we're announcing that Cutehacks is developing the mobile client of WiMP (by Aspiro) for the Symbian platform. We're going to use Qt and Qt Quick, which will make it pretty easy to provide the service for any coming MeeGo handsets as well. We're focusing on Symbian^3 at the moment, but may later extend backwards to older Symbian platforms if there is a demand.

Wimp logo

If you don't know what WiMP is, think of it as a direct competitor to Spotify. It is basically a streaming music service that, for a monthly subscription, gives you access to all the music of the world. It's even got Pink Floyd (which Spotify doesn't). You can see some screenshots and read more about WiMP here. Wimp is already available on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android - so it is high time we bring it to the Nokia platforms as well. We are very pleased to get this project and are looking forward to working together with the guys at Aspiro.

We're hoping for a relase this half of 2011, but that is up for Aspiro to decide so stay tuned for more news :)

Also, we've gotten some media coverage here in Norway already. Check out these article in (norwegian / english) and (norwegian / english). Oh, and those are Google Translate english, so don't complain to me if it's messed up ;)

Anways, exciting times for us here at Cutehacks!