Writing energy efficient Qt Apps - 3 tips

A few weeks ago we helped out Symbian Foundation and Richard B. by writing some Qt examples to go along with their Creating Energy Efficient Apps Using Qt article. I thought I'd show you a small video of what the examples do, and then also point you to the code itself. Check out the video first. 

Basically what we say is:

  1. Make sure to turn off animations when the app is inactive
  2. Make sure to turn off sensors when they are not needed
  3. Code that uses fewer CPU cycles also uses less battery

I really recommend reading the full article - it's a good read and it has graphs that shows the measured power consumption when running these examples.

The check out the code, go here.

To install the different examples on your Symbian^1 phone, download them here:

Note: Make sure you have Qt 4.6.3 (or later) + QtMobility installed.