We're officially up and running

Marius and I've had some busy days lately, but we're now finally up and running. We've now got an office, some fat internet lines (we're talking close to 100/100MBit here), spanking new machines and a happy grin on our faces. We're sitting over at Forskningsparken in Oslo (map), and I used Endomondo to track how long it would take me to walk from home (check out my "workout" here).

One of the things we want to be with Cutehacks is to be open. We want our projects, commits, presentations etc. to be as open as possible for other to share, collaborate and comment. So, we thought it might be cool to have a look at how our first day at the office was. Check out the video below.

Tomorrow will, hopefully, be a normal day - and we'll get to work. And by that I mean actual work, not carrying boxes around and eating ice-cream all day :)